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Month: November 2016

Faith and the Country Lifestyle

Here at Country Best Blog we fully support posts that express faith in it’s content.



Because farmers rely on faith for the yield of their crops.
Because rodeo affiliates take their hats off in prayer for the safety of those competing.
Because hunters pray in gratitude for the opportunity to feed their family.
Because ranchers pray for the welfare of their cattle during a storm.
Because country music sings about Jesus.
And because we all fall short of glory and need the strength of our Savior to bring us home.

As country fans and folk we believe in God. Our culture has always been composed of those who believe, and that is something that needs to be encouraged even more in a world that is steering towards so much hate.

So that is why there is and always will be faith based content on this website.


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Weaves & Stitches: Beautiful and Unique Wall Hangings

The winding up of Weaves & Stitches by Leslie and the creative inspirations behind the brand.



The first time I saw a weaving was in Anthropology and I immediately fell in love and knew I had to have it! Unfortunately the price tag was way more than what I was willing to pay. I inspected it and figured I would just have to learn how to make it myself.

I spent the next 6 months finding all sorts of inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. Finally in January 2015 I decided to just do it! I recruited my mom to help me and together we followed a tutorial on the website A Beautiful Mess.

We made a loom out of an old picture frame and nails and found some scrap yarn in her closet. I made the most hideous weaving ever made! But I immediately fell in love with the process and spent all my spare time reading borrowed weaving books from the library and scouring every blog post I could find trying to improve my skills. 10 months after starting I had my first sale. I was so nervous about it. I spent over 20 hours working on it, taking it apart, and trying to make it look flawless, which I still never felt it did!


It’s been about two years now since I made my little frame loom.  Since then, I’ve drug my husband and kids around to countless yarn stores, traveled to attend weaving workshops, hosted my own workshops, had customers all around the world and made so many new friends. I have become obsessed with fibers of all kinds and have collected enough that I could start my own store and have since learned how to dye and spin wool. My husband jokes that next on my list is starting my own alpaca farm – little does he know it is no joke to me…


Unfortunately I am no creative genius, but what I love is the technical side of weaving. Seeing a new stitch or texture and working until I figure out how it was done. I have a hard time coming up with fresh new ideas so I rely heavily on drawing inspiration from nature, textures, colours and creative work from those around me and what I see online. I also have had some amazingly creative clients who had a very clear vision of what they wanted and all I had to do was the fun part – the execution!

When starting a weaving I either start with a colour palate I love seeing together and just kind of wing the weaving part. Or, I have a sketchbook where I draw designs that come to me and try to replicate that into my weaving. The former being a lot more fun and organic where the latter is more thought out and meaningful to me.





If anyone reading this is contemplating trying something new but is holding back for some reason – I beg you to just do it! I never knew how much I would absolutely fall in love with weaving and I wish I would have started when I first thought to try!






With all the information on the Internet there is seriously hardly anything that you can’t find a tutorial for. I never thought I was creative enough for something like this, but it turns out that with enough practice and desire I have been able to make art that is very satisfying to me. And that is really all that matters.




Hope you enjoy the creations!








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