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Month: January 2017

Antlers and Aztec: The New Leggings I’m Loving

Anter Leggings.

I love that leggings are still in. Honestly, as a Mommy I opt for comfort as much as I can and leggings totally fit that bill for me!

Oh I should mention… This blog post contains affiliate links! Which I love!

Here are my two new leggings I bought off of Amazon (affiliate). Not only are they super cute and comfy, but CHEAP!!! I’m kind of the queen of cheap. My purse strings are kept very tight. I have to LOVE something to buy it, AND it has to be a good deal. With shipping and handling costs these leggings came to under $10 a piece. UNDER $10 A PIECE!

So check out these my latest Amazon find!

The Aztec one’s are so comfy. They have a waistband that’s super easy to flip down to sit lower on your hips too!


The Antler one’s are thinner, but smooth and not see-through for me at all!


Both seemed to fit true to size as well. You can order yours on Amazon here:



On the Antlers one you can choose which colour – blue, red, or black. Mine are black.

Happy shopping!


The Cowgirl


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Aztec Leggings Under $10. Antler Leggings Under $10.



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4-H Friday: The Cowgirl and The Cowboy

2017 is big year for 4-H in Alberta. In case you haven’t heard… the 4-H organization is celebrating 100 years in this wonderful province! This organization provides a firm foundation for youth and adults to learn and embrace respectable, and necessary, life skills.

4-H Friday. 4-H Alberta 100th. The Cowgirl. The Cowboy.

To help promote 4-H and celebrate 4-H Alberta’s centennial, *County Best Blog will be doing a ‘4-H Friday’ blog post on the last Friday of each month for all of 2017. Showcasing stories and life lessons from its former and current 4-H Alberta members.

To kick off the first ‘4-H Friday’ of 2017 we (The Cowboy and I) thought we’d share our thoughts on our own 4-H Alberta membership we were privileged to have as youth!

4-H Friday. Alberta 4-H Celebrates 100 years. The Cowgirl

The Cowgirl: Beef 4-H 
Steer name: Bingo

A 4-H Memory:
At age 12, I was able to win junior speak-offs within the club and go on to win first place in Districts as well. I still have the awesome aztec-printed duffel bag I won from this. It was mortifying at the time, but I now look back at the Regional public speaking portion with a great sense of laughter. For my impromptu speech I had 2 choices “Wildlife Curfew” and “Nuts.” Not knowing what the “Wildlife Curfew” topic meant, and also not knowing that I was actually allowed to ask for a definition, I went with Nuts. I distinctly remember my speech that went something like this: “Nuts. I’m nuts about nuts. You got peanuts. And walnuts. And hazelnuts. And…” I continued stumbling through all the nut names I could think of until my time was up. I bombed horribly. It was great.

Personal appreciation of the 4-H program:
Truthfully, I was only an official member of 4-H for 1 year. Which is so weird to say because my entire childhood from around 2 years old to 13 years old was heavily involved in 4-H. This is because I have 3 siblings much older than I am who spent years in 4-H with my parents heavily involved as leaders and such. I was hauled to almost every 4-H function there was as a child, helping out (and probably getting in the way) as much as I could. Speak-offs, Judging, Highway clean-up, Campaigning, Show and Sales, Award nights, Club Meetings, Field Trips… I was there for all of it every year. My childhood consisted highly of 4-H, so when I finally was able to become an official member it was very exciting for me!

Looking back at my time in 4-H, there have been so many benefits that have come from it. As a program it not only provides a knowledge and love for the Ag industry, but also a great deal of life skills for youth. I know it gave me more confidence as a youth as well as a great sense of accountability because of the many duties that are entailed with it. Taking full responsibility for a calf for almost a year as it grew into its yearling stature was a big job. I was drug around a fair amount in training for the big show and sale. I learned patience and consistent effort go a long ways. It was hard work, but oh so rewarding. 4-H gave me an amazing opportunity to learn various life skills. It also provided me with a nice check at the end!

4-H Friday. 4-H Alberta 100th. The Cowboy 3

The Cowboy: Horse 4-H
Horse Name: Boyd

A 4-H Memory:
When I look back at the years of 4-H I had, it’s hard to point out just one memory. There were many good times. From parades to speak-offs to sledding. I’ll always remember cleaning up after almost every rodeo at the Agriplex. Weekly meetings, our skill competition, and our show and shines. Through the while in which I was a member of the Taber Rough Riders horse 4-H we went on many rides. I remember one in which we went to the Bar K 2 and rode for what seemed to be forever. We all had our saddle bags full of our lunches and water. We ate our lunch by a watering trough. That year in the Spring I remember it turned into basically a three family affair. I have since returned and done that same ride in my later years and it really was not that far. I secretly grew to love horses because of others and the good times I had while riding with them.

Personal appreciation of the 4-H program:
When I think about what 4-H taught me, it was hard to see then what good it was doing, but looking back now it’s easy to see. The many speak offs opened me up to being able to speak in front of others. However, the one thing I really gained from my experience was life long friends that had that same fondness for horses I had. Friends that I spent many times riding with outside of 4-H since.


The Cowgirl
The Cowboy


Be sure to check out the official website for 4-H Alberta’s centennial celebrations.

Also, please consider donating to their ‘$100 for 100 years campaign’. It’s a wonderful organization that’s so deserving of our support!


*Do you want to be featured in a 4-H blog post?! If you are a member or former member of 4-H in Alberta we’d love to hear from you! Contact us(CLICK) if you are interested!

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