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Country Style Scentsy Products and the Backstory of an Independent Scentsy Director


Country Styled Scentsy Products.

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Jessica Loose joined the Scentsy team in January of 2010. Little did she know it was going to lead her to a whole lot more than just paying for a once a month family movie date…

What made you decide to join Scentsy and why do you love it?

When I signed up to Join Scentsy, I honestly just signed up because I was too shy to buy from a stranger that I didn’t know. I would have to talk to them… or heaven forbid, call them on the phone! So I joined in January of 2010 with the idea that I was just going to buy my own stuff and maybe order some for my mom and sisters. It wasn’t until about a year later that I attended my first Scentsy Corporate Event, “Spring Sprint”. It honestly opened my eyes to what an amazing company I was with and that maybe, just maybe I could step out of my comfort zone a little and try and sell enough I could take my little family for a movie night once a month all paid for with my Scentsy commissions.

I started stepping out of my comfort zone a little each month and within a few months I had heard that I could earn a free trip to the Dominican! Well… let me tell you! I was on board with that! When my husband and I got married we decided to start having our family at the ages of 19, so we never went on a honeymoon or had taken any trips just the two of us. I told him I wanted to earn this for the two of us and it would be our late Honeymoon. My husband didn’t think such a thing as a “free trip” existed. He pretty much just laughed and told me I would never do it… Well you never tell a woman she can’t do anything! I set out to prove him wrong!

Since then I am happy to say that I have earned 5 all inclusive trips: The Dominican in 2012, Costa Rica in 2013, Bahamas in 2014, a Cruise in the Caribbean in 2015 and Leadership Cruise in 2016. My husband and I have travelled all over the world because of this amazing company! Not only has it given me the confidence I needed, it has also given me lifelong friends and family.

Sweetie Pie Sheep Scentsy Buddy.
Sweetie Pie Sheep Scentsy Buddy

Since changing my goals in 2011 I went from being a Independent Scentsy Consultant team of 1, to an Independent Scentsy Director with an amazing team under me. I lead my team with the confidence I never knew I had 6 years ago all because of some smelly stuff!

Chasing Fire Flies Mason Jar Nightlight Scentsy.

Be sure to check out Jessica’s Scentsy website for more amazing Scentsy products!



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