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Month: February 2017

Poem: ‘At the Centre of Our Home’

At The Centre Of Our Home Poem.

At The Centre Of Our Home

We bought our first home; it was big and brand new
For this wee little family; Cowkid 1 and us two.
We carried our boxes and furniture through the doors
We shopped for new couches exploring in stores.
We looked at our mounts, planned for elk a decent spot
Boiled out our moose’s head again, found studs for all we shot.
We printed family photos and placed them into frames
Hammered on in the nails using our level for the aims.
Our clothes were all folded and placed into drawers
Our dishes stacked in cupboards, our broom knew all floors.

In the back of our minds, we kept careful thought
Of one picture unhung, a perfect place sought.
The nicely framed picture was bought at first glance
With a discounted price, we kept secured our finance.
A special display, but where would it go?
Too special to be forgotten, for He forgives all we owe.
During the hustling bustle of unpacking our things
It all became clear with the soft praises of sings.
A blank empty spot on the wall shined a perfect location
For all that we have our hearts full of appreciation.
At the center of our home the picture was hung
For if not for his life, ours would never of begun.

At the center of our homes is where Christ belongs
For family is forever because our life he prolonged.

-The Cowgirl



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4-H Friday: Jody Newton-Scheirlinck

To help promote 4-H and celebrate 4-H Alberta’s centennial, County Best Blog is doing a ‘4-H Friday’ blog post on the last Friday of each month for all of 2017. Showcasing stories and life lessons from its former and current 4-H Alberta members.

4-H Friday: Jody

4-H memories and personal appreciation of the 4-H Program by Jody Newton-Scheirlinck:

So many people ask me “What is 4-H? What do you do in 4-H?” The answer is both simple and complex at the same time, and will vary from one person to the next. 4-H allowed me to take on a project that I was passionate about (beef) and use it to take me on some of the most valuable and memorable adventures of my youth. My years in 4-H, which started with my dad being a leader before I was old enough to be a member, transitioned to member for 8 years, alumni for 2 years, then volunteer and leader for all of my adult years, have without a doubt shaped the person that I am today and gave me so many valuable lessons, rewards and experiences along the way.

To me, 4-H is…..

  • The motto of “Learn to do by Doing.” Whether this is in reference to halter breaking and feeding livestock, using tools in wood working, creating crafts, keeping records and completing record books, or standing up and speaking in front of others. The skills that I was able to learn through 4-H are not ones that could be learned through any other organization.
  • Head, Heart, Health and Hands. Learning to use all 4 to the best of your ability to work within your club your community and your country to make things better. We learned to participate in our community and lend a helping hand or show appreciation whenever we had the chance. Always there through the skills you have learned, the confidence you have built or the friends that you have made.
  • Public Speaking and conquering the fear. This is one of the most difficult skills to learn, but the most valuable. Although I never loved public speaking, I think about how much easier it came when I had to do presentations at college, or now that I do presentations for work. I was able to learn and practice this skill with very encouraging leaders, parents and fellow 4-Hers.
  • A place for everyone to come together, regardless of projects, to learn something new. There are over 300 projects that are available for kids to enroll in as well as the opportunity to create your own project. This is my first year being involved in a multi club, and although I really enjoyed the many years I spent with the beef project, the multi club allows more focus on the values and lessons that 4-H embodies, rather than the specific project. It also encourages all of the members to think “outside the box” and grow relationships and lessons beyond their own project.
  • Fun…remembering the times we went bowling, tubing the river, travelling to Calaway Park, camping, achievement days with our projects, and hanging out and making new friends. Sometimes, even the frightening public speaking became fun!
  • Friends…meeting new people for the first time at camp and getting to spend several days together each summer for the rest of your 4-H years. Even though we weren’t best friends, I encountered them again at college, at a new job, and again now that my kids are in 4-H and we have built friendships! Some of my best friends today are the ones that I went through 4-H with. Some were in my club, some were ones that I met at district or regional events or achievement days, and many of them are ones that I went to summer camps together and built unbreakable bonds. It is true that 4-H friends last a lifetime!
  • Travel…my favorite memory is being awarded the trip to the North West Territories when I was 16. It was a 10 day bus trip with 20 other kids my age from Edmonton to Yellowknife. We learned so much about ourselves and each other. Not to mention the fun we had setting up camp and making meals each day, touring factories and water bomber stations, and also getting private tours of several cultural places along the way! This was the opportunity of lifetime!
  • Volunteers…it took a lot of time from our parents and leaders to plan and organize meetings and activities for us, and take us to them. I have the utmost respect for those that lead 4-H through my learning years, because of how much respect and care they had for us as members! Now that I am a leader, I try to think of those things and give them to the kids that I lead. I know that this program will help them go far, regardless of their project!
  • Dedication…making sure that you attend 70% of your club meetings and activities, keeping your animals fed, choosing new skills to learn in wood working or welding, raising baby chicks to grown birds…it all takes dedication and commitment.
  • Achievements…no matter how great or small. I think of all of the things that I achieved in my 4-H time, and it wasn’t the first place prizes that I cherish most, but the individual achievements that I made. Learning independence and communication, relationship building and cooperation are still some of the greatest things that I credit 4-H for.

This year 4-H turns 100 years old, and I think of how many lives it has touched and enriched. My family has been part of this program as leaders and members for generations, and through all of the years, 4-H has provided opportunities to grow and learn. In all of the jobs that I have held, 4-H has always been the item that is commented on by employers as the biggest asset. The skills that I learned through 4-H have allowed me to grow and learn life skills in a safe environment, with caring and supportive leaders. I hope that my children will have the same opportunities that this great program gave me!


Huge thanks to Jody for being such an incredible ambassador to the 4-H program. With roots like hers, there is no wonder how this program has taken hold for 100 years in Alberta!


Be sure to check out the official website for 4-H Alberta’s centennial celebrations.
Also, please consider donating to their ‘$100 for 100 years campaign’. It’s a wonderful organization that’s so deserving of our support!

4-H Alberta celebrates 100 years


*Do you want to be featured in a 4-H blog post?! If you are a member or former member of 4-H in Alberta we’d love to hear from you! Contact us(CLICK) if you are interested and we’ll send over the details!

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