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Month: March 2017

4-H Friday: Janay Moore

To help promote 4-H and celebrate 4-H Alberta’s centennial, County Best Blog is doing a ‘4-H Friday’ blog post on the last Friday of each month for all of 2017. Showcasing stories and life lessons from its former and current 4-H Alberta members.4-H Friday.

A 4-H Memory

Trying to pick just one 4-H memory is hard. I got to be in 4-H for 9 years, so there is lots of memories there. I think one of my favorite times was when our club went caroling to all the seniors in our community. We had to drive a long ways between houses so we took our school bus and for some reason that was one of the days I looked forward to throughout the year. Maybe it was the smiling faces of the people we went caroling to, or maybe it was just because it was Christmas time. Either way it was one of my favorite parts of the year.

4-H Friday.

Personal Appreciation of the 4-H Program

I have a great love for the 4-H program. It teaches kids responsibility, and life skills that they need later in life. The part that most kids in 4-H hate is the speak offs, but I think that this is the best thing for them. Going into my first job interview had me nervous enough, but because I did good in speak offs I was a bit more prepared for the questions they asked. Or at least my brain was able to put thoughts into sentences. If I didn’t have public speaking experience that would have been a lot harder. Also for a couple of years I got to be the treasurer for the club. That taught me how to write a check, and how to balance my bank book. Simple things really, but they don’t teach stuff like that in school. There is just so many real life things that 4-H teaches. It is a great program, and I hope to be able to put my kids into it.

4-H Friday.

Huge thanks to Janay for helping promote 4-H and the many years that she has dedicated to the 4-H program!


Be sure to check out the official website for 4-H Alberta’s centennial celebrations. Also, please consider donating to their ‘$100 for 100 years campaign’. It’s a wonderful organization that’s so deserving of our support!
4-H Alberta celebrates 100 years

4-H Alberta celebrates 100 years

*Do you want to be featured in a 4-H blog post?! If you are a member or former member of 4-H in Alberta we’d love to hear from you! Contact us(CLICK) if you are interested and we’ll send over the details!

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You’re Gonna Miss This

You're Gonna Miss This.

Photo credit: Meghan Holt Photography

One of my favorite Trace Adkins songs is “You’re Gonna Miss This.”


The moment I had my first little one the words “You’re gonna miss this” kept recording in my mind. I knew it then and I still know it now. These are the days I will probably miss the most. The days when my children were just little. The days of pregnant bellies and fresh from heaven newborns. The fun runaway toddlers, the story telling 4 year olds… I am so gonna miss this stage in my life. The stage where I was their whole world and they were mine. When they called me Mommy and snuggled into me at night. The sleepless hazes that covered my mind, but made my heart melt open. The days when they were home with me. No school. No schedule. The spur of the moment playground, beach, backyard and pasture picnics. The giggles. The sweet sound of their giggles.

Lots of folk have what they call the glory days. Usually this is referred back to their high school days. Fast cars. Friends. Championship sportsteams. Young and bill free ‘er I mean carefree… Although I look back on my high school days with fondness, they are most certainly not my glory days knowing what my today is. These days of today are my glory days. I am so in love with our family and our littles. As crazy loud and mischevious as they can be, they are the most joyous things in my life. Their happiness and excitement is so contagious. And seeing my husband in the role of their Daddy makes me love him even deeper than I thought love could go.

These are my glory days, and I’m gonna miss these days immensly when they’re gone.


The Cowgirl


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