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‘Cowboy Cody’ Our New Favourite Children’s Book!

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'Cowboy Cody' children's book by Becky Wigemyr.

I heard buzz about this new cowboy themed children’s book via social media and was so excited for it to hit shelves!

Fact of the matter is, there really isn’t a whole lot of western themed children’s books out there. Sure, there’s lots of farm themed ones (which I love!), but as I search book stores the culture of cowboys and rodeo haven’t seemed to be represented.

Enter in ‘Cowboy Cody’ by Becky Wigemyr

'Cowboy Cody' children's book by Becky Wigemyr.

I was so excited to receive this book in the mail from Becky and so were my little cowkids! As I opened it up, started to explore the beautiful illustrations and read the story, I actually got a little choked up. Now I’m sure a lot of that has to do with me being pregnant… BUT. What chokes me up the most during pregnancy is things that are sentimental. This book evoked that in me. It’s just a sweet little story about a boy who wants to be a rodeo cowboy. Mutton Bustin’ makes a special feature in it too! Which, hit a little close to my heart as a former champion of the sport:

'Cowboy Cody' children's book by Becky Wigemyr.
I’m big into dejunking my house and a craver of minimalism… this trophy oddly makes the ‘keep’ cut every time lol!

The story is so sweet and the illustrations are just perfect. You can tell that both the writer (Becky Wigemyr) and the illustrator (Dane Laroque) have a deep and rich rodeo family background cause it definitely shows in this book.

'Cowboy Cody' children's book by Becky Wigemyr.

I love this book. But more importantly, my cowkids LOVE this book!

Cowkid 2 doesn’t sit long for stories and is usually chompin at the bit to flip pages to the end, but this book he actually sits through! He looks at every picture with full attention. And Cowkid 1 has already got it somewhat memorized.

One thing that’s also pretty special about this book is that it has ‘The Cowboy’s Prayer’ printed in the back. Faith is a huge part of cowboy culture and I’m so glad it was able to be included.

'Cowboy Cody' children's book by Becky Wigemyr.

Alright, enough of me bloggering on. I know what you country fans and folk really want to know:

“Where do I get it?!”

You can purchase it HERE at Chapters/Indigo Books online or in store.   CLICK

Or, a variety of other western stores at various locations – FULL LIST OF STORES AND LOCATIONS CLICK

Be sure to check out Becky’s website here for more awesome background and information surrounding her book ‘Cowboy Cody.’

Becky Wigemyr – Western Lifestyle Children’s Author

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'Cowboy Cody' children's book by Becky Wigemyr.

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