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Welcome to Country Best Blog!

Your best blog for all things country.

This site is dedicated to showcasing the best in country culture. It is made by a country fan for the country fan. I cover the vast variety of topics that centre around a country theme. From farming to fishing. From rodeo to recipes.

Be sure to check out the Categories and Tags on the side bar to view all posts that pertain to your favourite country subject. I also feature posts written by fellow country fans who wish to share in this theme we all love.

My name is Julie. I am a ranch-raised wife, mother, and country lover with a deep passion for writing. For the purposes of this blog my family and I will be referred to as:


We are located in Alberta and graciously welcome an international audience as well. To learn more about how you can sponsor or contribute, please view the corresponding pages located at the top of this site. I would LOVE to collaborate with you!

Here is the detailed back story of how began:

The Country Best Blog Story

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“Anything country is simply the best.”

-The Cowgirl