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Morton Ropes: Custom Bull Ropes

“Performance proven since 1972”



Morton Ropes has been the number one source for bull ropes and steer ropes for many cowboys continueing to this day.

Everett Morton began braiding ropes because he needed one for himself to start steer riding in 1967. Then later came bull riding. When asked where he learned the skills needed for this trade, he stated that way back when most every cowboy knew how to braid rope. He learned from his father, and built upon his technique as he began competing in rodeos more heavily.


There was a need for bull ropes and it turned into a good side income for him.


Many Canadian championships have been won on Morton Ropes. From steer riding to bull riding. Including from Everett’s own son. There have also been many that have gone on to compete in the NFR with Morton Ropes.

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Everett competed in the bull riding event for about 12 years. Now, he continues to compete in the roping events. He has helped not only his son, but others in developing the right technique for riding bulls.

Braiding bull ropes has shortened many long winter nights for Everett, and is something that he enjoys doing.


Morton Ropes has been marketed to both shops and bull riders since 1971 and still continues today.

Be sure to contact Everett for all your custom bull rope and steer rope needs.


Contact Information for Morton Ropes:

Everett Morton
Phone: (403) 758-6683
if you prefer e-mail you can message


Everett also happens to be an awesome Dad, just take it from The Cowgirl 😉

We’re all signing off on this one for ya!


The Cowgirl
The Cowboy
The Cowkids

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CMA Awards 2016 Recap

CMA Awards 2016 Spoilers Ahead: DO NOT READ if you have not watched it yet and are planning to!


The 2016 CMA Awards aired on November 2nd and we NEED to talk about it!

Since we don’t have cable anymore we couldn’t watch it live, so thank goodness for the invention of the internet!

There were so many AMAZING moments. Which, I mean, was expected seeing as it’s celebrating 50 years of the CMA’s and all. I cried quite a few a times. It was just so incredible!


Here are a few of my top favourite moments of the event:

  • The opening with all the greats and those songs were incredible. That Randy Travis close though… Bawled. So hard. When they all started singing “Forever and Ever, Amen” for him helping hold him up, I just lost it. You could just feel the love that everyone in that room had for him. He has had some serious health struggles over the past few years caused by a very serious stroke that he is still recovering from.
  • Faith and Tim barbies made another appearance… and it was awesome!
  • Peyton Manning singing… lol.
  • The acceptance speech from the writer of the Song Of The Year – Tim McGraw’s  “Humble and Kind.” Yep, teared up for that too. The song was written as a prayer for her 5 children. I can just envision this sweet mother caring for her children and praying those Humble and Kind lyrics. Freak. I’m tearing up again just thinking about it… moving on.
  • Alan Jackson and George Strait duo of  “Troubadour” and “Remember When.” So heart touching and incredible. It was probably my favourite performance of the night. It was the essence of what country music is. It was simply pure country. No frills. Just two legends with guitars telling a meaningful story through their song.

  • Single of the year won by Thomas Rhett “Die a Happy Man.” A song he wrote for his wife, aww!
  • Carrie Underwood’s acceptance speech for Female Vocalist of the Year. I love how even though she is a co-host of the show she seemed completely caught off guard, giddy, and showed such gratitude in her excitement.
  • The tribute to Dolly Parton winning the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award. Such memorable songs sung in tribute by some of the most amazing female vocalists of our time.
  • Chris Stapelton winning Male Vocalist of the Year. He’s such a talent, and has been in the industry for longer than people realize. But yet, you can just sense the amount of humility the guy has. He has such respect for the legends that have paved the road before him.
  • Garth Brooks winning Entertainer of the Year was pretty cool. It was like going back in time. He’s still got it, though we always knew he did since legends never die.



There were some upsets in watching the 2016 CMA’s. But really it’s been the same upset over the past few years for me… what’s up with all these pop singers performing? It’s the CMA’s, obviously the people watching came to see their favorite country music singers perform. Not pop artists. I’d completely undertand if they collaborated on a song like you know, Pink and Kenney Chesney, but these performances seem forced.

I’ll admit though that JT and Chris Stapleton’s performance last year at the CMA’s was awesome! BUT Justin did start out as a country singer so that’s a free pass right there. Plus he was born in Memphis, Tennesse…


Hope you enjoyed watching the 2016 CMA Awards as much as I did!


The Cowgirl


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2016 CMA Awards Country Best Blog


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