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DIY Barnwood Necklace Holder

An Easy and Beautiful DIY

barnwood necklace holder








This DIY idea was a Pinterest find. I believe it originated here. (At least that’s where my inspired pin came from) I was in love and just knew I had to have one!

Us ladies have so many pretty necklaces that beg to be worn. But it’s hard to remember to wear them when they’re not in plain view. Enter this awesome necklace holder. There’s a time saving bonus too with having it so easily accessible. I know which necklace I want and can snag it with ease. I’m not sure if it’s the knobs I have or what sort of magic I possess, but my necklaces don’t ever get tangled together! It’s weird. Looking at them all on the same knob as they are, they totally should be. But they’re not!

Honestly though, what I love the most about this necklace holder is the stunning wall decor it creates for my bedroom. See Below for the DIY details!
barnwood necklace holder2

Materials needed:
Back hooks

Measure and mark where you want the knobs. Drill holes. Place in knobs and secure tightly. Measure and space out back hooks. Secure in back hooks. Hammer in the nails in the appropriate places to latch onto backhooks. Hang it up and put all your pretty necklaces on it!



Isn’t it a beauty?! (affiliate) Amazon has some awesome knobs you should check out! I’m kind of in love with these one’s (affiliate) and you can get them in different colours too!

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barnwood necklace holder pinterest


The Cowgirl


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