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Full Curl Saddlery

Custom Leather Work by Wade Jensen

full-curl-saddlery-saddle-logoFull Curl Saddlery has been an up and running business for about the past 6 years. We have bought a few of his products and can say with all honesty that it is high quality and made to last. I was pretty excited to do a blog post featuring his leather working creations!

He builds custom leather work of all kinds: belts, chaps, gun scabbards, saddles, etc. He also does most any leather repairs or projects that others can come up with.

This is a part time business for Wade, as he also does guiding and Spring work on the ranch. It has been a nice winter job for him that he really enjoys doing.

His leather working skills came through an apprenticeship with Doug Hall of Hallmark Saddle Shop in Cardston, AB 5 years ago. It has also been through the process of classic trial and error that he has been able to hone in on his creations to the quality that they are at today.


What he enjoys most about leather work is seeing the finished product come to life. As for his creative inspirations, a lot comes from other finished products he sees, then putting on his own twist to them; stamping it with his Full Curl Saddlery mark.

Here are some of the amazing products Wade has done:


Any orders or inquiries can be directed to Full Curl Saddlery via
Phone Number: (403) 653-2934
E-mail: wade-jensen@hotmail.comfull-curl-saddlery-logo

It should be mentioned that Wade also has a pretty cool extended family…

So we’re all gonna sign off on this one for him.


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Thoughts on Remembrance Day





The Poppy:

Wearing it for our Country’s Best




Each year I feel more and more the gravity of what Remembrance Day is. The people that have fought for freedoms. That died for freedoms. Fighting in wars where courage had to replace fear for a future they themselves would may be not live to see.

So I could have this one:

A family. With freedoms still needing to be fought for, though in a much safer and democratic arena. The legislature.

We feel and see storms rising around us. And though we can’t even imagine what those in World War I, II and all wars that are or have followed have gone through. I believe for the most part that they had to rely on faith. Faith in a better tomorrow. And for a lot of them, faith in God.

In Christ. A saviour that we still rely on for a better tomorrow. A better life ahead. One that the inevitable grave cannot rob us from. We are eternal beings. This is our belief. And Christ made this possible for everyone.

As the world turns to the hatred, we need to turn to love. I understand there are campaigns against Christmas decorations before Remembrance Day. But with the true meaning of Christmas being a celebration of the birth of our Savior and the hope it provided and still provides to the world. I cannot help but celebrate the true meaning of Christmas in my heart as I ponder upon the meaning of Remembrance Day.

After all, many men and woman died for us. Our future. In those Wars. So too, did a Saviour who was born in a manger.

Gratitude remembered for all who served and are still serving,


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