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Reminiscing About Cowkid 2’s Antler Newborn Photos

Antler Newborn photos

A little reminiscent brag of cuteness over my son’s antler newborn photos. My little boy, Cowkid 2, is now in his toddlerhood and I can’t help but feel a little sad that he’s growing so fast. I stumbled across his newborn photos the other day and figured it’d make for a cute little “hunting” post.


NOTE TO ALL FUTURE PARENTS: Don’t discard those tiny bucks because they make for great newborn photos and excellent wall mounts for a baby nursery!

There’s nothing like the newborn phase. It goes by so fast, yet as a parent it’ll pierce your heart forever.


The Cowgirl

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Antlers and Aztec: The New Leggings I’m Loving

Anter Leggings.

I love that leggings are still in. Honestly, as a Mommy I opt for comfort as much as I can and leggings totally fit that bill for me!

Oh I should mention… This blog post contains affiliate links! Which I love!

Here are my two new leggings I bought off of Amazon (affiliate). Not only are they super cute and comfy, but CHEAP!!! I’m kind of the queen of cheap. My purse strings are kept very tight. I have to LOVE something to buy it, AND it has to be a good deal. With shipping and handling costs these leggings came to under $10 a piece. UNDER $10 A PIECE!

So check out these my latest Amazon find!

The Aztec one’s are so comfy. They have a waistband that’s super easy to flip down to sit lower on your hips too!


The Antler one’s are thinner, but smooth and not see-through for me at all!


Both seemed to fit true to size as well. You can order yours on Amazon here:



On the Antlers one you can choose which colour – blue, red, or black. Mine are black.

Happy shopping!


The Cowgirl


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Aztec Leggings Under $10. Antler Leggings Under $10.



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