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A Bassinet and a Blanket For Cowkid 3

Best baby bassinet. Compact. Portable. Fits under bed.

We had a handed down bassinet for our other cowkids that we further handed down last year. It served my littles well and was definetly appreciated, but I really wanted a more compact less clunky bassinet that took up so much room to store. I love simple. I crave simple. So naturally, I fell in love when I found this amazing bassinet on Amazon!

Best baby bassinet. Compact. Portable. Fits under bed.

I basically suck at complicated put-together-yourself type things. Usually I just wait for The Cowboy to do it all since he’s better at it than me. It took me a full hour one time cutting zip ties, figuring out where the battery contraption was hidden, plus how to work our bubble machine we got. No matter how much joy that bubble machine may bring to my kids, I will always look at it with partial contempt. Anyways, you get my point…

I. Me. Myself alone, figured out and put this bassinet together in less than 5 minutes. And after the initial figuring it out I can litterally set it up and take it down in less than 30 seconds. For reals. It’s so light weight and easy peasy to take down and set up. I am so in love with this bassinet. The very best part? It folds down to fit under our bed. Let me repeat that.


Seriously cannot wait for Cowkid 3 to sleep in this ‘Fisher-Price Rock N’ Play Protable Bassinet’ for it’s first precious months in our room.

Click below to grab yours off of Amazon (affiliate).

Now onto my next purchase for Cowkid 3. A muslin blanket.

Aztec baby blanket. swaddling blanket. large. lightweight. blue. gold.

Most moms out there already know this so it goes without saying, but a muslin blanket is a must have. They’re large, lightweight, can scrunch up super small for your diaper bag and are the perfect swaddling blanket for babes. Of course, if you can get one just like the one I got with the oh-so awesome aztec pattern I’m obsessed with, that’s even better!

Aztec baby blanket. swaddling blanket. large. lightweight. blue. gold.

Also, it was less than $15 !!!!!!!!!!!!

We don’t know if cow kid 3 is a girl or a boy so I tried to buy gender nuetral.

Aztec baby blanket. swaddling blanket. large. lightweight. blue. gold.

Anyhoo you can pick yours up too on AMAZON (affiliate) !

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The Cowgirl


PS – I just heart Amazon, don’t you?!

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Antlers and Aztec: The New Leggings I’m Loving

Anter Leggings.

I love that leggings are still in. Honestly, as a Mommy I opt for comfort as much as I can and leggings totally fit that bill for me!

Oh I should mention… This blog post contains affiliate links! Which I love!

Here are my two new leggings I bought off of Amazon (affiliate). Not only are they super cute and comfy, but CHEAP!!! I’m kind of the queen of cheap. My purse strings are kept very tight. I have to LOVE something to buy it, AND it has to be a good deal. With shipping and handling costs these leggings came to under $10 a piece. UNDER $10 A PIECE!

So check out these my latest Amazon find!

The Aztec one’s are so comfy. They have a waistband that’s super easy to flip down to sit lower on your hips too!


The Antler one’s are thinner, but smooth and not see-through for me at all!


Both seemed to fit true to size as well. You can order yours on Amazon here:



On the Antlers one you can choose which colour – blue, red, or black. Mine are black.

Happy shopping!


The Cowgirl


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Aztec Leggings Under $10. Antler Leggings Under $10.



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