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The Cowgirl’s Totally Country Maternity Photoshoot

A totally country maternity photoshoot complete with shooting stars, fields, fences, cattle, horses, barns, corrals, and of course a barn kitten!

Country Maternity Shoot.

This is going to come off as conceded, but so so be it… I feel so beautiful when I’m pregnant.

Country Maternity Shoot. Country Maternity Shoot.   Country Maternity Shoot. Country Maternity Shoot. Country Maternity Shoot. Country Maternity Shoot.

Honestly, I am filled with so much gratitude that my body is able to bare and birth babies that when I look in my mirror I see nothing but goddess glory. I feel like my clothes look great and my hair, thanks to the horse pill size that is pre-natal vitamins, is at it’s all time thickness. Though I may be sick and sore, I feel pretty. Oh. So. Pretty. Especially in a dress.

Country Maternity Shoot. Country Maternity Shoot.

It’s also the one time I feel super confident wearing any kind of head wear. I know not why, but I just look way better in them when I’m preggers.

Country Maternity Shoot. Country Maternity Shoot. Country Maternity Shoot.

I had to take photos with my favorite wildflower while they were still in bloom – shooting stars!

Country Maternity Shoot. Country Maternity Shoot.

Country Maternity Shoot. Country Maternity Shoot.

Tucker also had to make it into the photos. He’s pretty special to me.

Country Maternity Shoot.

And of course, this kitten. Heart eyes.

Country Maternity Shoot.

I would have loved to throw in my 2 other cowkids in the shoot, but they’re kind of in the hard-to-take-photos-of adorable phase. But if I’m being honest, it was just going to be too much work and tears to pry them away from Grandma and the trampoline…

The Cowgirl

PS The Cowboy took these photos for me and I didn’t even have to twist his arm!! I married so well ladies let me tell you. Kind of had to let him off the hook in getting in the photos with me…

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Country Maternity Shoot. Jean dress. Lace. Horses. Cowboy boots. Lace headband. Barns.

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A Little Barn Door DIY That Makes a BIG Difference

Guest Post from the Stewart’s: Brandon and Stephanie

Barn Door DIY.

We initially got our inspiration for the barn doors through looking for ideas on pinterest! We have always loved the idea of having barn doors and finally got around to making it happen in our house. Before the barn doors we just had these ugly slatted pull string blinds.

Brandon was going to build the doors himself but we ended up finding them on sale at Co-op along with the mounting hardware. From there we finished it how we liked it.

Barn Door DIY.

Our DIY method was very simple:

  1. We used a very dark stain and lathered it on generously.
  2. After it completely dried (which took a while because how much stain we used) we used white chalk paint and put it on fairly sparsely. This way then it didn’t require as much sanding to get the weathered look that we were aiming for.
  3. Then we sanded the edges and areas that needed more a more “weathered” look.
  4. And finally, we finished the doors off with a clear wax to seal the paint.

We love these doors as it gives us more privacy and spruces up our kitchen!

We have also complimented these barn doors with a few shutters that Brandon has made around our house.

We were looking at getting new blinds for our house as some of the cords had broken and were therefore permanently shut all the time. We got a quote for new blinds and due to some of our larger and odd-shaped windows we decided to look into cheaper DIY options. Brandon built these rustic barn door shutters in our front entryway and master bedroom to compliment the barn doors in our kitchen.

Brandon did all the measuring and constructing of these shutters and they add SO much to our home decor along with saving us some money too! The finishing of the wood was the same process as the barn doors… a generous dark stain along with sparse layer of white chalk paint, sand and finish off with a clear wax to seal your project.

Hope you enjoy!

– The Stewart’s


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Barn Door DIY Pinterest Shutters. Doors.

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