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DIY Bandana Dress

How to make a cute and cheap bandana dress for your little girl

DIY Bandana Dress. Camo. easy sewing project dresses for little girls

I am not a sewer. I kind of hate it. But, this bandana dress was insanely easy for me to figure out how to make for my daughter! I made 3 of them and they looked so cute on her! I even had her wear it as she grew as a sort of shirt because it looked so darling. There were a few images of paisley dresses on Pinterest that I had seen after I had cowkid 1 that caught my eye. So, I decided to wing it in making one myself out of bandanas. After all 2 bandanas are around $4, so that’s not much of a loss if it turned out horrid. To my surprise, my easy peasy design worked and I headed back to Walmart for more colours!

Below are all the fun details to make one for your little girl too.

Supplies Needed:
Sewing Machine
2 Bandanas


(scroll down to see diagram)

Step 1. Wash and dry the bandanas. Decide what is the front and back (usually the back is slightly faded). Flip the top front over to the backside and sew in a straight line. Do this on both bandanas. This is where your ribbon will be threaded through so how much you fold over is pending on the ribbon size. Mine was folded over about 2 inches.

Step 2. Place the bandanas on top of each other so the fronts are touching. Then leave a gap for where the arm goes (about 3-5 inches may be) and sew a diagonal line inside to the bottom corner of the dress on each side. The sew line shouldn’t be too far into the bandanas.

Step 3. The dress is currently inside out so flip it outside in and thread the ribbon through the top part. You can do two ribbons and tie them over each shoulder or make it long and thread it through both tieing it only over the one shoulder.


DIY Bandana Dress Red Paisley. easy, cheap sewing project. baby girl country dress

Here’s some more visual instructions Cowkid 1 drew… I’m kidding it was me. My writing is not the neatest, but hopefully this helps make the steps more clear!

Instructions DIY Bandana Dress Red Paisley. easy, cheap sewing project. baby girl country dress


And there you have it. A cute, cheap, and totally country dress for your sweet little one!


The Cowgirl


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Instructions DIY Bandana Dress Red Paisley camo. easy, cheap sewing project. baby girl country dress





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Reminiscing About Cowkid 2’s Antler Newborn Photos

Antler Newborn photos

A little reminiscent brag of cuteness over my son’s antler newborn photos. My little boy, Cowkid 2, is now in his toddlerhood and I can’t help but feel a little sad that he’s growing so fast. I stumbled across his newborn photos the other day and figured it’d make for a cute little “hunting” post.


NOTE TO ALL FUTURE PARENTS: Don’t discard those tiny bucks because they make for great newborn photos and excellent wall mounts for a baby nursery!

There’s nothing like the newborn phase. It goes by so fast, yet as a parent it’ll pierce your heart forever.


The Cowgirl

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