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A Gentle Reminder Through High Hilled Prairies the Reason We Celebrate Christmas.

Hay Bales Nativity

Come late Fall we start to see strings of lights lining roofs and circling railings. Their bright beaming colors of red, green, blues and whites flash a glow outside our car windows. There’s blowup Frosty’s and giant snow globes. Our eyes grow wider and wider with each passing house. Christmas is definitely here, and so is the jolly merriment of sparkles painted all over town. It’s an exciting thrill to take the kidlets out for a night cruise through the streets pointing out the favorite light shows.

For some 30 years now, this special nativity has lit up a certain highway’s edge far out in the country. The beloved manger scene positioned by a devoted rancher and his tractor has given passers-by a small but significant beacon of light on their journey. There is no bright flashing Christmas lights that surround it nor are close neighboring homes nearby.

I can’t help but ponder it as such a symbolically fitting location to the actual the story of Jesus’s birth… With bustling towns full of blinking lights, there seems to be flashing ‘No Vacancy’ signs at the Inns. The weary mother to be and her husband wonder where the precious babe shall be born. Journeying through the streets with no shelter in site that would take them in, they perhaps start wandering out to the countryside. They journey far, and find refuge in a humble stable where the animals are tended to. It is here that the humble birth of Christ our Lord is made manifest

Hay Bales Nativity at Night

May we find joy and merriment this Christmas, but also remember to make room for our Savior.


Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.     – Luke 2:4


Merry Christmas


The Cowgirl

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