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The Jon Pardi, Cole Swindell, and DIERKS BENTLEY Concert!

The Cowboy and I don’t go on ‘outside the house’ dates very often what with the hassle of getting someone to watch our precious cowkids… whom I ALWAYS have the hardest time leaving anyways. But I’m grateful we got to go to this concert over the weekend! It was such a blast of a date night!

Deirks Bentley Concert.

You want proof of how awesome of a time we had? The proof is actually in the lack (and quality) of photos. You see, we didn’t spend all our time snapping photos. Meaning we truly soaked in this concert. We spent it belting out lyrics and swaying to the music together, it was actually a pretty romantic time.

Every performer on this tour was incredible. Obviously they would be considering all the amazing songs they have under their belt, but truly they were all just amazingly talented performers and singers.

Some of the highlights:

Jon Pardi singing ‘Dirt on My Boots’ (of course!)

Cole Swindell’s amazing set with the backwoods fence slats and really all his songs. He is one amazing songwriter and man is he an awesome performer! Love in the ‘Middle of a Memory‘ and  ‘You Should Be Here’ was perfectly chilling.

Dierks Bentley singing all his amazing hits. He has some awesome new songs out that he sang too, but I’m pretty happy he sang all his past hits. That guy has sure had an amazing career and is still going ever so strong! Some of the songs I loved most that he played were ‘Every Mile a Memory’ and ‘I hold on‘ and from his new album the song ‘Black.’ Really all of his songs he played were amazing though, I love all that guy’s albums. (selfish siderant – I wish he played ‘Long Trip Alone‘ but I get that the set can only be so long…)

He came and sang to the back audience and high-fived everyone along the way and the way back he came down by our isle! I touched his hand. No biggie… just kidding it was definitely a BIG deal!

I loved that him and Jon Pardi sang a George Strait song on stage together.

‘Flatliner‘ with Dierks and Cole was awesome too!

And the amazing finale that of course ended with a plane on stage. ‘Drunk on a Plane’ was awesome.

They put on such a great show. Each of them are such individually unique artists, but have such a fun chemistry together.

Deirks Bentley Concert.

Huge thumbs up from us. You put on a great show boys. Thanks for the awesome Friday night!


The Cowgirl
The Cowboy

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You’re Gonna Miss This

You're Gonna Miss This.

Photo credit: Meghan Holt Photography

One of my favorite Trace Adkins songs is “You’re Gonna Miss This.”


The moment I had my first little one the words “You’re gonna miss this” kept recording in my mind. I knew it then and I still know it now. These are the days I will probably miss the most. The days when my children were just little. The days of pregnant bellies and fresh from heaven newborns. The fun runaway toddlers, the story telling 4 year olds… I am so gonna miss this stage in my life. The stage where I was their whole world and they were mine. When they called me Mommy and snuggled into me at night. The sleepless hazes that covered my mind, but made my heart melt open. The days when they were home with me. No school. No schedule. The spur of the moment playground, beach, backyard and pasture picnics. The giggles. The sweet sound of their giggles.

Lots of folk have what they call the glory days. Usually this is referred back to their high school days. Fast cars. Friends. Championship sportsteams. Young and bill free ‘er I mean carefree… Although I look back on my high school days with fondness, they are most certainly not my glory days knowing what my today is. These days of today are my glory days. I am so in love with our family and our littles. As crazy loud and mischevious as they can be, they are the most joyous things in my life. Their happiness and excitement is so contagious. And seeing my husband in the role of their Daddy makes me love him even deeper than I thought love could go.

These are my glory days, and I’m gonna miss these days immensly when they’re gone.


The Cowgirl


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