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The Daddy, The Cowboy

The Cowboy The Daddy. Meghan Holt Photography.

My husband, The Cowboy, is basically the best Daddy there could ever be to our Cowkids. Even though he does work long hard hours, our kids take priority when he’s home. He takes them out to help him with yardwork, garage organizing, vehicle maintenance… whatever it is on his docket, he almost always takes them with him. Which, with 2 little hands-on runners is no easy task. But they LOVE it. And they absolutely love him. My Dad too, would always take me with him whatever he was doing. And I think it was a pillar that helped mold me into who I am. So I’m especially greatful to have married a man who also knows how to be such a great Dad and spend time no matter what he’s doing, to bring them with him.

I must say I am a little jealous of how well recieved he is when he walks through the door. I keep telling myself it’s because I’m always with them, so they just don’t have time to miss me… but that’s just a lie I tell myself. You’d think he’d been gone for a 4 month overseas trip when he walks through that back garage door. They are so crazy excited to see him. They leap towards him and jump up for tight long hugs to the neck. Not wanting to let go, and heartbroken when he has to go to the bedroom to change his clothes. He’s also been the one that Cowkid 2 yells for lately when he wakes in the middle of the night. When I’m the one that shows up to snuggle him, he’s ticked. Like, TICKED. And of course, because my husband loves his babies so much, he’ll get up despite the early morning go to work time and rock and snuggle him back to sleep. Knowing full well how exhausted he’s going to be at work the next day. He’ll always come get them when they call out “Dadda!”

He’s the most considerate and patient man when I’m pregnant too. This pregnancy has probably given me a little more cranky hormones than most (read about that more here). But yet, he lets it roll off his back and drives to the local gas station to get me that coke slurpee, chips, and chocolate bar whenever that craving hits. I’m also a lot, like, a LOT less intelligent than I remember being with my other pregnancies. His patience with all my crazy ideas and asking him the same questions over and over again is defiinitely appreciated. He knows how to take care of his babies well before they are born and the instant they come out.

The Cowboy The Daddy.

There is a lot of experiences people share on how hard marriage becomes once children arrive. For us, that couldn’t be further from the truth. To see him in role of Daddy gives me the same butterflies  I had while we were dating, but with a love much deeper than I could have imagined it going even on our wedding day. The Cowboy takes his husband and Daddy role as top priority. And we couldn’t love him more for it.

So, happy Father’s Day to all those great Dads out there who are masculine enough to snuggle babies and stoic enough to dry another’s tears.

The Cowgirl


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4 Ideas to Help Spur Your Life

4 Ideas to Help Spur Your Life.

The purpose of spurs when riding a horse is essentially to get the horse to move forward. A definite cue or command to communicate to the horse where it needs to go or what it needs to do.

I believe in life we have spurring moments. Moments in which we are prompted to move in a certain direction. A strong feeling which evokes us to get moving. Many of us have had these spurring experiences, though it is still our agency whether or not to act on such cue’s. I have had times in my life where I have suppressed those feelings and promptings. Mainly over fear of judgement or critique from others. As my maturity has set in though, I’ve learned to always try to act on such spurs. To not think, but just do. To listen to my own heart instead of my head’s perception of what others may or may not think about me. That’s actually none of my business. And as far as I believe, if it is right by you and God, the fear of man should never get in the way of that.

There are a few actions I wish to share with you that I have found really trigger a spurring moment. They are what I’m calling ‘Ideas to Help Spur Your Life.’

Put Faith First. When I chose to make hefty faith promoting spiritual goals, I found that in turn I was blessed temporally with opportunities and dreams that came directly my way. I also found that as I made an effort to read my scriptures first thing in the morning before anything else, that I was guided to people and circumstances that have guided our family into the direction it was meant to be in.

Read Good Books. Scriptures are a given here. But there also many other good books out there that help bring in ideas and direction to where you feel your life needs to be heading. Articles, Blog posts, and biographies that have inspiration and substance can really help you gain clarity in what truths they deliver to your mind.

Declutter/Minimalize. It’s not just a hip and trendy idea. It brings real value to anyone who starts. I was able to complete a hefty goal of getting rid of 465 things in 30 days and through that journey I gained so much insight into my life. It enables you to see things as what they truly are: stuff. To start thinking about more needful and meaningful aspects in life. You also find what your decor style is, what you actually use, and what you treasure. The stuff that is left, is actually meaningful to you and you can find room in your house to truly enjoy it and view it. It frees up time. Truly. The time you need to focus on where you are and where you want to go in your life.

Lose Yourself in Serving Others. I’d say this is the biggest spur you’ll ever get. I believe very strongly in the scripture: “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” – St. Matthew 16:25 When you lose yourself in the service of others (Christ’s purpose) you will find yourself. I saw this in a most beautiful and profound way when I had my babies. You give your time, all of it. Your energy, all of it. To the sole purpose of caring for the most helpless there is. You love unconditionally and you service whole-heartedly as a parent. It is because of my children I came to realize more of who I was. My strengths. My weaknesses. My passions. My talents. They all came to the forefront as I cleaned faces, cleared dishes, and rocked them throughout the night. Lose yourself in service and you will find who you uniquely are.

Spurs are a useful tool not only for the user, but the recipient. To be given a clear sense of direction is a gift that everyone needs in their life. Unfortunately, there are many who go without. The hope is that some of these ideas can help someone out there gain back their purpose and direction in their life. To find their unique gifts and talents and contribute them for the benefit of society. Everyone has a special gift within them that has a purpose not only for their lives, but for others within their influence.

May we all embrace life’s spurring moments and giddy up!


The Cowgirl


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4 Ideas to Help Spur Your Life

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