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The Thanksgiving Tablecloth: Everyone writes 5 things they’re greatful for with a sharpie

The Thanksgiving Tablecloth: Everyone writes 5 things they're greatful for with a sharpie

I love being able to create traditions within our little family…is having 3 kids still considered little??… anyways it’s just super fun and even more rewarding.

As it’s Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada I had to whip out our special Thanksgiving Tablecloth. I’ve already said how it works in the title, but I’m ok with repeating myself because I have the ‘Running-on-NO-sleep’ card in my hand having just had Cowkid 3.

You get a white tablecloth. Sharpie on “THANKSGIVING” in the centre. Then every year each member of the family sharpies 5 things they’re greatful for onto it. 

Of course if it’s babies first Thanksgiving a handprint is warranted. We put their hand on an ink pad then onto the tablecloth and sharpie trace it – as you can see below:

The Thanksgiving Tablecloth: Everyone writes 5 things they're greatful for with a sharpie

It requires 2 adults to accomplish this awkward task of getting their handprint… it’s a tricky business with wiggly new baby fingers.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all Canadians. Though there is much to be disheartened over, I hope we can take the time this weekend to see the good, the true, and the beautiful  in our lives.

May your home be blessed with family. Your heart be blessed with health. And your belly be blessed with pumpkin pie.

The Cowgirl


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The Thanksgiving Tablecloth: Everyone writes 5 things they're greatful for with a sharpie

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Waiting For Our Life to Change…

western family shoot. Meghan Holt Photography

Cowkid 3 will be coming soon, yet it seems it can’t come soon enough! With constant contractions these days it all seems like such a mean tease.

Getting to meet face to face the newest and sweetest member of our family is just beyond exciting. It’s life altering. It’s sleepless nights and zero time to yourself, especially as Momma of the family.

And. I. Am. So. Ready.

I’m ready for my priorities to shift. I’m ready for my time to be taken in serving a heaven-sent perfect bundle. I’m ready for the hazy fog that allows me to rest from the distractions of the world. To see the new family dynamic evolve with Cowkid 2 being a big brother. With Cowkid 1 having the lead of 2 siblings. With The Cowboy getting to be a Daddy of three!

I’m ready to hold you in my arms Cowkid 3. I know you’ll come when God wants you to. But I’m getting ancy for our life to change in having you out here with us.

You are already so loved and immensely anticipated.

The Cowgirl

PS – we may cruise some gravel roads here in a bit to try to give your birthday party a head start…

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