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Four BIG Reasons Why We Camp

We haven’t been out camping yet this year so these photos are actually from last year. Oh how I crave camping in the mountains…

Why We Camp.

There’s just so much to benefit from outdoor privacy in the mountain air. Those who enjoy this pastime know exactly what these benefits are. With having these little cowkids it’s definitely a little more effort getting packed and up there, but if I’m being honest… it’s a thousand times even more rewarding!

Why We Camp.

The joy it brings to these little faces to throw rocks, pickup sticks, and explore the forest just reminds me of the simplicity in what is truly grand.

Here are 4 big reasons why we camp.


#1 To find solitude

With neighbors to the left and to the right and social media in our pockets and on our minds. I feel sometimes I am constantly on display, and it is so so draining. Especially for an introvert such as myself. When it’s just our little family away from technology and people it creates just the solace not only I need, but I feel we as a family needs. We’re truly together, without anyone on the outside traipsing in. It’s the comfort we find in being alone together as a single family unit.

Why We Camp.

#2 To Remember what is truly essential.

I know there are some that pack anything and everything under the sun. Toys, games, tables, food in all it’s variety, etc etc…. which honestly to each their own and that is completely ok to do! But for me, I love the simple I find in packing and camping. Simple meals. Easy cleanup. Easy lightweight packing. No toys. No tables (that’s what our tailgate’s for!). Nothing that’s going to take us that much more time to pack, assemble and dissemble. Food, clothing, shelter (and a first aid kit!). Those are the basics. Those are the necessities. We can survive without showers, we can survive with wearing some of the same dirty clothes. We can survive on so much less than we do. And this is especially true for our kids. They find so much to do in nature that no toy could ever compare. Sticks, pinecones, rocks, and a creek is the ultimate imagination station. No one needs entertaining when camping. We create and find contentment just being with each other.

Why We Camp.

#3 To be reminded of the beautiful world Heavenly Father created.

Nature does wonders for my spirit. It’s simple things like nature that we take so easily for granted. And we forget who hath created it at times. It’s perfect. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and magnificent in all it’s variety. Mountain tops and forest clearings are some of the most sacred places there are in this world. It’s a renewal of faith that God does exist. And he created this wonderful world for us.

Why We Camp.

#4 To gain perspective

It’s so much easier to pluck out the important things and set goals of where you want to be when you are pulled back from the situation. When you walk yourself out of the painting and in front of that gallery wall. You can better understand and appreciate things you missed because you focused on only what you could see up close. It brings such perspective in what is important and what isn’t. What stresses you’ve been carrying for no reason, and what meaningful things you have overlooked. With perspective, you can start editing your life so you can get back on track to where you truly desire to be.


Camping is just plain wonderful.

Happy camping season all!

The Cowgirl

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“May You” : A New Years Wish from Country Best Blog

May You. Cowboy Poetry

I feel like I’ve been saying this steadily for the past number of years, but… 2016 has been one of the greatest years of my life. How could it not be with The Cowboy and The Cowkids by my side? I’ve felt ever so inspired and more spiritually minded this year and I owe all the thanks I could possibly give to my maker.

This is not to say though, that I have not seen such heartache and devastation to those around me and throughout the world. For many, 2016 has been a year of heavy trials and burdens that seem too hard to bear. A year of irreplaceable losses and great suffering.

My heart goes out to all those who are in the thick of pain, unsurety, and fear. I hope this poem can guide a sort of hope for the future year to come. It is my wish for all.


“May You”

May you take on your goals in the practise pen.
May you compete with humble thanks.
May your line take hold of one big fish.
And may you swim in open lakes.

May your seeds take hold and grow on high.
May your heifers throw calves with ease.
May your heart soften to forgive one another.
And you live the day to seize.

May you scuff up your new cowboy boots.
May you get your truck all muddy.
May you put family ahead of everything.
And always call her honey.

May you enjoy that sunrise that opens up your hunt.
May you arrive safely down those gravel roads.
May you wear camo, but not disguise yourself.
And may you allow Jesus to lessin’ your loads.

May you run far in open pastures filled with wild flowers.
May you cling to happy memories of loved ones long since passed.
May your tractor work properly fulfilling it’s working duties.
And may you place life’s greatest treasures in a cedar chest to last.

May you sleep in a tent with a ceiling of stars.
May you stand tall upon a mountain peak.
May you keep warm beside a campfire.
And find everything that you may seek.

– The Cowgirl (


Happy New Year’s Eve Country Fans.

The Cowgirl

"May You" Cowboy Poetry Pin


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