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You Know You’re From the Boonies When…

I put a call out to some friends to answer this phrase and boy did they deliver. Here is a special list compiled by many spot on responses.

You know you’re from the boonies when…


You know the dedication and patience it takes to snare a gopher.

You have to use your 4×4 just to get out of the driveway.

You can’t text because there is no cell service.

You can see every star in the sky at night.

You have to watch out for skunks and porcupines in your yard.

You get offended when people not from there state that it’s ‘the middle of nowhere,’ because only people from there are allowed to state that.

You get lulled to sleep by coyotes.

Directions to your house include some sort of body of water, a dirt road turn, a deer crossing sign, a coulee, a texas gate count, and vivid descriptions of quonsets, barns, and granaries.

You get excited when a vehicle comes into your yard.

The only people you’ve seen in the last couple weeks is your family.

Saturdays consist of arguing over which 3 channels to watch.

Going to town is a big deal that you dress up for, but you’re only going in for parts and groceries.

You get very suspicious when you don’t recognize a vehicle coming up your road.

You’re the last person in your grade to get rid of dial-up internet.

You drove well before you had a license.

On Halloween your parents drove you to 15 houses, your parents had a visit at each house, and you went home with 2 pillow cases overflowing of chips, pop, chocolate bars, and popcorn balls.

You need drive a car to see your neighbors.

You have experienced the sound of pure silence outdoors.

Neighbors help each other out with tractored snow removal because you’re the “least priority” on the snowplow list.

The power can be out for days a couple of times a year.

You have to explain to people where you live by stating: about BLANK hour(s) North, South, East, or West of BLANK town.

For Christmas someone always gets some sort of gun.

You’ve gone on many long walks filled with great conversations… with yourself.

You did more homework on the bus ride than you did at home.

Weekend entertainment consisted of back road cruisin’.

There’s a gun that permanently lives in your truck.

When you recognize every vehicle and it’s owner that passes by.

You’re on the school bus first and dropped off last.

A handpicked bundle of wildflowers mean more than any store-bought rose.

You get to witness every sunrise and every sunset.

You only get visitors during hunting season.


Country living at it’s finest. Big thanks to all those boonie dwellers and lovers who contributed to this post!

The Cowgirl


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J. L. Jensen Art Gallery

Commissioned Artwork, Original Paintings, and Fine Art Prints by Josi L. Jensen

J L Jensen Art Gallery. Whitetail jumping fence watercolour

About the Artist: 

Put simply, I’m an artist; I love to create, and have found a love for watercolor in particular. My serious pursuit as an artist really only started up within the last year, but it’s been an idea/dream of mine since high school. All I knew at that point was that I wanted to be an artist, which led me to get my bachelors degree in Integrated Studio Art at Brigham Young University – Idaho. It was only after I met and married my husband, a country boy and avid hunter, when my ideas began to mature. I’d always been back and forth on the types of art I enjoyed making: abstract, realist, cartoon etc. But it wasn’t until I made my husband a watercolor painting of an elk for a Christmas presents that I realized what I really liked painting – nature. As a child I wanted to be a veterinarian, but it wasn’t until high school that I realized my talents resided elsewhere. So it was a natural fusing of past and present dreams to be an artist, and to paint nature. While I enjoy painting nature and animal pieces in watercolor on my own time, I specialize in commission artwork where a customer and I work together to create the artwork they have in mind. In this process they might either have me work from a photograph they have, or simply from an idea they’d like.

J L Jensen Art Gallery. Wheatpool. Farming

How Commissioned Pieces are Made:

In the case of having photo-references, it’s quite simple. You send me the photo and I make a painting from it. For ideas however it gets a bit more complicated. I go through five separate stages that I refer to as sketches, value studies, colour studies, final draw up, and finally painting.

In the “sketches” stage I do a series of 3 (or more) quick draw ups and they pick their favorite basic composition. From there I move on to the “value study” where I do another 3 (or more) roughed out black and white images of their approved sketch to let them pick how the values will play together. Then I move on with this black and white sketch they’ve selected and do 3 (or more) quick paintings with different colour schemes to allow my customer to pick their favorite colour pallet. Finally I do a full-scale final drawing, have them approve it, and then go to throwing the paint for the final work.

Ultimately the artwork that comes out from a commission is “your artwork, your way.” And though I do watercolor most often, I am also able to do scratchboard, charcoal, and graphite drawings along with acrylic and oil paintings.

J. L. Jensen Art Gallery. Bucks. Deer. Painting. Watercolour

Thoughts on Being an Artist:

I have a love/hate relationship with what I do, it’s the most draining and yet satisfying pursuit to take an idea and bring it to life. By far my favorite part of what I do is the creative process itself, going from an idea in my mind to an actual finished product. It’s exciting and riveting, and when I sit back and look at an image I’ve made I sometimes don’t believe that it was me that did it. I just think, “Whoa…I made that…” And as an artist it is really important to the creative process if you’re inspired by what you’re doing. If you’re not inspired while doing a piece you won’t be able to do it the justice it deserves. That excitement and inspiration is important and I personally find it while being in nature, if you couldn’t tell by the types of art I prefer. I get inspired when I’m outside and enjoying God’s creations, so how unfortunate it is that most of my artwork is done inside my stuffy little “office” far away from any deer or forests; though I do get the odd bird or stray cat. Ultimately that’s the goal though, to be inspired and to inspire through my work. My goal is to make people realize the beauty we have around us, and my hope is that what I do inspires you.


Huge thank you to J. L. Jensen for sharing her incredible talents with Country Best Blog! Be sure to check her out socially via:

Facebook: J. L. Jensen Art

Instagram: J. L. Jensen Art

J. L. Jensen Art Gallery.

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