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DIY Pallet Shelf

Guest Post by Jessica Avery

Scroll below to view instructions to this gorgeous DIY Pallet Shelf


It is really a simple project!

After my husband and I bought our own place, I was anxious to get my own house decorated in the country design that I’ve been pinning for years! Where I work, there are pallets sitting there every once in a while. So Pinterest it was to come up with some ideas of what to make with them. Another reason I was inspired to take on this project was that my hubby got new tools that I thought needed some breaking in 😉

As for the decor on the shelf, it too came from a country-chic sort of design I’ve always loved. Growing up, my mom was ALWAYS into the old doors, windows, lanterns, and what not. When she came across them, she recreated them into a whole new item! Because of my mom and her incredibly talented eye for crafts, I thought I’d test out my crafty genes to see if I was lucky enough to get some of her crafty DNA.


It really wasn’t a long process to put together. The longest part was taking apart the pallets. Since the boards in a pallet are attached in 3 places, the Sawzall was only able to cut the sides. Where the pallet boards are attached in the middle, I had to use a hammer to pry off the remainder nails.






Materials Needed to Build:

Pallets, Shelf, Paint, Sawzall, Hamer, Drill, Screws, Paint Brush, Wood Stain, Spray Paint.



Instructions How to Build:

sawzall pallet

  1. Taking apart the pallets was what I found the hardest part of the project. I took the sawzall and cut down the sides.
  2. Next, I stained a few of the slates. I never sanded down any of these slats because I wanted the rustic look, but sanding could definitely be an option.
  3. I chose to spray paint the shelf instead of brush painting- way easier ha. It took 2 cans of spray paint to get it all done
  4. Next was putting it all together. This old shelf was pretty flimsy, so I left the shelves out while I attached the pallet boards to the shelf. I laid the shelf front pallet-shelf-diyface down on the ground to make it easier to screw the boards onto it. I centred the board over the back of the shelf and placed two screws on both edges of the shelf. One by one I screwed the boards on, placing the darker stained boards every third board.
  5. The bookshelf became MUCH heavier after all this was put together. My original plan was to cut the overhanging boards on the sides, but I had the idea come from a couple people (including my husband which was a big surprise) to leave them be and to decorate them somehow. My sister came over the day I was finishing the shelf and suggested I put my box of picture frames to use and add them to the masterpiece.


pallet-shelf-copy pallet-shelf-copy-2 pallet-shelf-copy-3 pallet-shelf-copy-4

The reason I absolutely love it I think is because it ties in with what inspired me to try it out in the first place. Not only is it a country-chic decor that reflects who I am. But it’s also something I was able to make with my own two hands and display in our home.

Hope you enjoy,



– Jessica Avery



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