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Canada Turns 150 Years and We’ve Got Some Amazing Quilts to Showcase the Celebration!

Featuring gorgeous Canada-themed quilts made by some very talented ladies

Bide A Wee Quilts. Canada 150 Quilts.
Bide A Wee Quilts

Be sure to click on the images to see them in larger detail, enjoy!

Huge thanks to our amazing contributors to this post!

Happy Birthday Canada,

The Cowgirl

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For the Love of a Blue Jean Quilt

My mother-in-law made us a blue jean quilt a couple years back for Christmas and I’m pretty in love with it!

blue jean quilt

We have lots of other quilts and afghans I love too, but this one is about the only one perfect for outdoor use! I love that it’s rugged enough for a dragging and ground stomping. Yet, cozy enough to keep warm from the wind and elements. It’s great for sitting in the stands at football and softball games. And it’s perfect for those under the stars campfires.


Also, sledding!


blue jean quilt cowkids

It keeps our little cowkids warm and happy.


If you don’t have a blue jean quilt I suggest you make one. Or, if you are not a sewer, like myself, recruit your mother! It makes one great gift!


The Cowgirl


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blue jean quilt pinterest

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